Anonymous Asked: Thank you for giving me advice about my cut. It's greatly appreciated. I hope things start to turn out better for you soon. I'm sending lots of love to you and positive vibes. You are a beautiful person.

sending the same your way. wish you didn’t have to deal with this alone

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Anonymous Asked: What has helped me the most is being in dual diagnosis treatment centers that treat my eating disorder and my drug addiction, depression and self harm. I still struggle a lot and have a therapist and psychiatrist, my dietician won't see me anymore cuz I wouldn't gain weight go in to PHP or treatment again. But yeah I wish the best for you.

It’s tough when places only treat one aspect of what you’re struggling with, when so many things are connected.  And it makes no sense to me when people drop you when you’re struggling most.  I’m sorry that happened to you.

Anonymous Asked: Can you give advice to me about taking care of a cut that has fat exposed? I can't go to the hospital. How do I take care of it? How many times do I change the wrapping? What should I clean it with? Should I use antibiotic ointment? Can you give me step by step advice? Please I really need help.

I’m not very good with this because I don’t put much effort into caring for cuts.  With the fat exposed you’re definitely more prone to infection.  Butterfly bandages are good for closing it up and holding it together.  I usually just put antibiotic ointment on a non-stick pad and then wrap it.  It’s a good idea to change it daily.

Wish going to the hospital felt like an option for you, but I understand.  Hope you’re ok

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I don’t want to keep trying. I’m sick of people taking over my body. I have never been allowed to say no and the more they push the more I want to resist.

I don’t even “look like” I have anorexia

So people need to relax

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The Detached Protector Mode in BPD


"In the Detached Protector mode, the [borderline] patient shuts off all emotions, disconnects from others, and functions like a machine".

"The Detached Protector has a flat, emotionless, mechanical affect".

"Most borderline patients spend a majority of their time [including during therapy…

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